Multidimensional Therapists 2014

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Advanced and updating training as:

December 17 to 21 2014 in Mérida, Yucatán, México
Headed by Venerable Grandmother Nah Kin and
Master Kinesiologist ALBERTO ARRIBALZAGA

After being suspended this event for two years, we will continue the training, revalidation and updating as MULTIDIMENSIONAL THERAPISTS OF THE NEW TIME with new knowledge, strength and new visions in this December 2014.

Both Venerable Grandmother Nah Kin and master Alberto Arribalzaga are beings absolutely committed to the healing of individuals, so that a new harmonious order in the world be set; where all can live full health, peace, abundance and happiness; for the sake of each one of us and for the generation of a New Humanity.

Venerable Grandmother Nah Kin is a doctor in psychology with many years of experience in the psychotherapeutic field, where she develop unique systems that accelerate the healing process and activate evolutionary programs of the Being.  Master Alberto Arribalzaga is a world famous Kinesiology Therapist, absolutely committed therapist with bringing healing to his patients, using advanced techniques and innovative applications; all of which makes him an exceptional skills being, a great and unique master of healing techniques and multidimensional evolution.

All being, interested in helping others with their healing process will found in this formation a highly recommended way since it has methods, systems and advanced techniques where a holistic concept of the individual is developed. All the therapeutic objectives are always aligned with the qualities and desires of the Higher Self and covered with a very high spiritual consciousness.

All this results in a master management of the patient, who receives an authentic profoundly effective healing that allows him to generate perennial changes in his life, for the restoration of the maximum health, harmony and well-being.

The knowledge of the MULTIDIMENSIONAL THERAPIES is based on the Mayan Solar Wisdom which Venerable Grandmother Nah Kin receives through her superior channel of awareness, and they are splendidly applied by Master Alberto Arribalzaga through protocols of Kinesiology that he shares.  Together they make up a sacred duality capable of generating a full multidimensional healing system.


For those who graduated as MULTIDIMENSIONAL THERAPISTS IN 2011:

For those who achieved the title of MULTIDIMENSIONAL THERAPISTS in the event of December 2011, the current event will serve them as a renewal of knowledge to obtain a title now endorsed by the MASHACH "School of Higher studies in Complementary Alternative Medicine" at the University of Puebla with whom we signed a notarial agreement of support and cooperation.    

This allows us to offer a diploma with a higher degree of recognition and certification.

We are also creating the Civil Association called: MULTIDIMENSIONAL THERAPISTS ASSOCIATION. This Association has as its primary objective to shelter all graduates as multidimensional therapists and at the same time to generate a teaching body that allows the expansion of this therapeutic system for training new therapists.


For therapists in training:

People in training as MULTIDIMENSIONAL THERAPISTS OF THE NEW TIME must comply with a curriculum of knowledge and therapeutic techniques that it is offered in many different places.

This event serves as an update or advanced knowledge on the basic techniques that you are studying.

In order to receive the title of MULTIDIMENSIONAL THERAPIST it is essential having completed the curricular modules that make up the training. Therefore, they will be only eligible for the title, on this occasion, those students who have successfully completed their training.


For General Public:

Anyone interested in these multidimensional techniques can come to this event whether he is a beginner, intermediate or advanced. It is always useful. It has a curriculum value for those who aspire to receive their degree someday.



If you require more information about where the modules will be given write to the Administrative Director of the MULTIDIMENSIONAL SCHOOL OF THERAPISTS, teacher psychologist  Shantal Carrillo e-mail:
Or phone call: (999) 9 45 90 18 and (999) 9 45 91 60

Shantal Carrillo is an extraordinary teacher, perfectly able to offer Multidimensional Therapists Training MODULES. You can look for her to know where she will give the following modules, or to invite her to give it to a group of people that you organize.
It is extremely important to come with basic knowledge to the event, to get an optimum advantage of the advanced information that will be offered in it.


:: COST ::

EUROPEANS (December 16 and 21, nights included):
570€ +250€ translation fee

REST OF THE WORLD (DECEMBER 16 and 21, nights are included):
$690 Dlls



Your place will be reserved by sending the scanned plane ticket. The total cost of the event will be covered at the time of registration at the Hotel headquarters. Please pay this cost in the currency of your country, euros or dollars.



In the cost in mexican pesos:
« 4 Nights at Plaza Mirador Hotel: 70St. and 67St. No 541-A, Downtown, Mérida, Yucatan.
« 4 lunchs and 4 breakfasts.
« Training, therapies and teaching materials.
For foreigners also included:
« 6 nights at the Hotel: December 16 and 21 are included.
« Translation.

*Plane tickets *Airport-hotel-airport transportation *Bottled drinks *Tips to bus drivers.

Bring light color clothes, white color preferably.

In all the teachings, therapies, ceremonies people must bring with you:
-NECCESARY MATERIALS FOR PRACTICING THE MULTIDIMENSIONAL THERAPIES: 1) Kinich Ahau Glyph, Hunab-Kú, Divine Mother and New Times Sign images; 2) The Goddess Balm, Divine Mother Flower Essence and Benjui oil; 3) Hunab Kú Sacred Geometries, 4) Chrystal Piramids and 5) Ambars, Labradorites Moon Stones.






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