Kinich Ahau

Our Organization

Kinich Ahau Organization is committed to the expansion of the Mayan Sacred Knowledge as a transcendental tool to stimulate the development and expansion of consciousness of the human being.

All the tasks promote a profound and transcendental wisdom, accompanied by practices that allow assimilate knowledge and integrate it into everyday life.

In all literature, prevails the rescue of the authentic Mayan Ancestral Knowledge but by applying skills and knowledge of avant-garde resulting a wealth of transcendental information that lets the current human being, change his way of life, his state of health and his vision of the universe; to be tuned with a New Planetarium Time, where codes of life, fullness, health, universal unity, will be the paradigms of existence.

All articles promoted by the Organization carry the intention of developing a clear and natural spirituality that let the reader move to an encounter with the "giver of life", the creator of the universe, or the primordial energy. Therefore they promote a comprehensive development of the human being through the sublime goal of embodying the divine entity to live here and now with all our capabilities, faculties and original skills.

Kinich Ahau Organization promotes knowledge of the Mayan Solar Wisdom, offered by solar hierarch Kinich Ahau through the Venerable Grandma Nah Kin, Eugenia Casarin PhD.