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Full Day Workshops
December 16th 2014


Regenerative Nutrition and
Depurative and Rejuvenation Diet

Offered by Venerable Grandmother Nah Kin

Venerable Grandmother Nah Kin, as a nutritionist, naturist, and expert in the process of regeneration, revitalization and rejuvenation, offers us a full day to meet nutrition keys that allow us to maintain the maximum nutritious quality of food, the secrets of healthy cooking and nutritional tips.

She will teach us the proper method to make depurative diets that accelerate the process of detoxification of the body, effectively stimulating the process of healing of the body.

These are workshops for all people who want both to enhance their health and raise their body regenerative capacity, how to activate the process of rejuvenation to stay longer in optimum condition. In the same way, it is for all those people who have interest in practicing as therapists since they will have a number of very important tools that will help them to guide their patients on the way of integral health.

The Venerable Grandmother Nah Kin has a lifetime being vegetarian-naturist with a wide knowledge on recipes of high nutritive value since she owned a vegetarian restaurant for ten years of her life.

At this time, our beloved grandmother holds a great wealth of knowledge and information which sets at the disposal of all those beings that are eager to develop a comprehensive understanding of multidimensional healing.


:: PLACE ::


CENTRO CASA DEL SOL: At 159 39th St. and 42nd. St. Colonia Miguel Hidalgo Zona Dorada (two blocks from Las Américas Mall, behind FAMSA Department Store) in Mérida, Yucatán, México.

Mapa Casa del Sol

Mx$ 1,000.00
Includes: ingredients, tastings and lunch.

DATE: December 2014

1st Workshop “Regenerative Nutrition” from 10am to 1pm || Lunch from 1 to 3pm.
2nd Workshop “Depurative and Rejuvenation Diet” from 3pm to 6pm


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