Kinich Ahau


Kinich Ahau is a high priest who lived among the Mayans in their golden age. He is the supreme hierarch of the lineage of the solar priests or Ahaukines.

The biological entity that Kinich Ahau embodied was product of a genetic growth which sheltered the primal purity of the Atlanteans priests experts in atomic solar energy who came to the shores of the Yucatan peninsula bringing with them their Supreme Ministry.

Several generations grew the most sublime seed to produce a being able to have a bio structure powerful enough to vibrate in harmony with the solar force. This being especially designed, reached adulthood, the ability to vibrate within his being the solar harmonica and thereby reconquer the glow of the spirit. At that time he receives the sacred name of Kinich Ahau which for the Mayans represents the spiritual essence of the Sun and he is elected as the Supreme Regent of the Sun, of the lineage of the Ahaukines.

Its etymology comes from the Mayan words:
Kin =  Sun, Energy, Movement, Day, Sacred, Vibration, Light.
ich =  Face, Visage, Look, Reflex, Mirror.
Ahau =  Lord, Essence, Priest, Teacher, Instructor.

Linking the different meanings we can form a more complete expression of Kinich Ahau:
“The Lord with the Face of the Sun”,
“The Lord, Mirror of the Sun”,
“The Light that illuminates the Face”,

Kinich Ahau proceeding of the ancient Atlantean genetic, as well as from the seed that stellar beings left on Earth, manifested a physical structure tall, robust, strong, white skinned and blond hair, very different from the physical characteristics of the natives of the place. His exquisite beauty and his golden hair as the Sun, made the people call him the priest of the solar face, or Kinich Ahau.

The genetic growth that the old masters knew how to develop had the purpose of creating beings of pure qualities, immeasurable forces beyond human, taking the genetic and structural sequel of the star beings who have visited the Earth, from the Pleiades, Sirio, Alfa Centauro, etc. that is why we see that the leaders are archetypal beings, with the same qualities of great height, white, of infinite beauty in their face and a sovereign port, we can thus observe Quetzalcoalt, the God man of the Toltec culture, possessed such characteristics different from the rest of the population; Wiracocha, among the spiritual guides of the Andean people, Quechuas and Aymaras, had this same majestic port and physical features completely different to the natives of these lands. Jesus Christ himself had the characteristics of being higher than the rest of his disciples and having a strong and sturdy body, with a beautiful and merciful face of stellar characteristics that other christic beings of Native American Cultures had.

Kinich Ahau sets at the Holy City of Uxmal, which in Mayan means:

UC is the sacred aspect of the Moon (mystique moon) and Maal which means sacred, therefore, Uxmal means  "the Sacred Land of the Moon”. In this vortex of powerful space of magnetic force, light rays are attracted in the same way in which the Moon attracts the glittering rays of the Sun.

The figure of KINICH AHAU is ONE and TRINE at the same time, it corresponds to:

1. A HIGH PRIEST. Who lived in the Sacred Mayan Lands and had his spiritual headquarters in the Holy City of UXMAL, and his rettreat in the Pyramid of Ak-he-nah-tun. He took his people to the Ascension.
2. THE SPIRIT OF THE SUN. It represents the Divine Essence of the Sun of our system, the "Giver of Life" for our world. And his divine emanation is the subtle energy of our spirit.
3. THE SOLAR SPIRIT OF THE GALAXY. He is the powerful spiritual presence that emanates from the Center of the Galaxy. The extraordinary Spirit of the Galaxy.