Activities and Events

AHAUKIN INTENSIVE TRAINING - Solar Concious Being of the Mayan Solar Tradition

From April 22 to 25 before Kinich Ahau Event

GIVEN BY: AHAUKAN LU’MIL NAH QUETZAL - Heires of the Mayan Solar Tradition. An AHAUKIN is a solar priest or Priestess, a being that has opened his spiritual communion with the Father Sun, Kinich Ahau. It has taken the White Path, the sacred SAC BE that elevates his being to the higher spheres of consciousness.

Kinich Ahau 2017


"The REVOLUTION of our life happens when we assume our Solar Identity with true conviction"
From April 28 to May 1st. Directed by Venerable Grandmother NAH KIN. “A DRAMATIC CHANGE in the way of living is really possible if we surrender to the immense force of the Solar Supreme Spirit. Its Photonic capacity has the power to revive the Original Divine Design so the power of healing, transformation and life be unfolded to raise ourselves to a new evolutionary spiral within our own Existence.”

Past activities and events

Kinich Ahau 2015


The expansion of consciousness through the multi-dimensions can be achieved thanks to the generator impulse of the powerful solar energy which it is an inexhaustible source of driving power that allows an upward movement of understanding, vibration, love, light and clarity to us. The development of the solar consciousness reveals transcendental keys to develop elevated states of consciousness where we perceive the TOTALITY and feel ONE with it.


The entrance of 11 MEN seal allows us to revolutionize our consciousness, transforming from the root our basic beliefs and, consequently, making us able to open ourselves to new and extraordinary possibilities where our being experiences itself in a vast dimension.


August 1 – 9, 2015. In Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

We launched this Multidimensional Therapist Intensive Training in order to form a new generation of beings that are ready to provide a deep healing to individuals at all levels. All being interested in helping others in their healing process will find in this intensive training a highly recommendableway to achieve it. It has methods, systems and advanced techniques where an individual holistic concept is developed.

Advanced and updating training as:


After being suspended this event for two years, we will continue the training, revalidation and updating as MULTIDIMENSIONAL THERAPISTS OF THE NEW TIME with new knowledge, strength and new visions in this December 2014. Both Venerable Grandmother Nah Kin and master Alberto Arribalzaga are beings absolutely committed to the healing of individuals, so that a new harmonious order in the world be set; where all can live full health, peace, abundance and happiness; for the sake of each one of us and for the generation of a New Humanity.

Full Day Workshops December 16th 2014

Regenerative Nutrition and Depurative and Rejuvenation Diet

Venerable Grandmother Nah Kin, as a nutritionist, naturist, and expert in the process of regeneration, revitalization and rejuvenation, offers us a full day to meet nutrition keys that allow us to maintain the maximum nutritious quality of food, the secrets of healthy cooking and nutritional tips. She will teach us the proper method to make depurative diets that accelerate the process of detoxification of the body, effectively stimulating the process of healing of the body.

Espiritual training for Shaman Woman of the New Time


When the woman recovers full consciousness of her divine nature she becomes a crucible capable of containing the infinite light of the Great Solar Spirit and radiates this glow as a powerful living Sun which brings harmony, beauty, wisdom and healing to the world. The Solar Woman is a receptacle or crucible of the powerful divine energy. Inside of her the burning gold of the Solar Spirit is forged to give shape and life to the New World.

MAYA NEW YEAR -2014- 10 OC

This is a wonderful event that will leave our mark on life. And it will be a blessing to the world. Masaru Emoto Office and the Organization Kinich Ahau invite you to the wonderful event "MAYA NEW YEAR 2014 10 OC"!. Each New Year Maya, Maya Solar Tradition moved to different places in the world to a point where more power is magnified energy entering each cycle start.This year is the turn of the Country of the Rising Sun!

Kinich Ahau 2014


This year, the Kinich Ahau event brings the extraordinary gift of the integration of our two cerebral hemispheres for the creation of the unified consciousness. Through assimilation of the feminine/masculine patterns of the Solar Spirit, we recover the completeness of our being and with it, qualities derived from the masculine polarity, such as: strength, determination, courage and intelligence; and qualities from the feminine polarity, such as: perception, sensitivity, serenity, peace and love.