From july 23th to 26th at the village of SAN VIGILIO, in the DOLOMITES, ITALY


Directed by Venerable Grandmother NAH KIN
Spiritual Leader of the Mayan Solar Tradition

“Braking the barriers of the mind and


The entrance of 11 MEN seal allows us to revolutionize our consciousness, transforming from the root our basic beliefs and, consequently, making us able to open ourselves to new and extraordinary possibilities where our being experiences itself in a vast dimension.


The MEN glyph is the EAGLE, which opens its victorious wings in the higher frequencies. Its majestic flight allows us to commune with the sublime spheres, where we are infinitely powerful, extraordinarily bright, full of virtues, honest, wise and creative.


We are entering a New Planetarium Time, increasingly richer in possibilities; we have left behind the false beliefs that had us hindered in a limiting world. Now the EAGLE teaches us to take off and flight, to go higher and higher in our ability to understand life. We are in pursuit of new dimensions of knowledge, which open us wide, the doors to create a supreme, wonderful, whole encompassing, full and integrated world.


The space that has been chosen as the Vortex which receives the arrival of this transformative energy to Planet Earth is the rugged mountains of THE DOLOMITES: wonderful place located in Western Europe, full of magical legends, where the highest awareness opens to commune with the sublime spheres.





The Dolomites is a special space where the being reunites with its extraordinary abilities, to completely restructure the vision that has of itself, of the world and the universe that surrounds it.


The Mayan Solar Tradition, through greater awareness of its spiritual leader the Venerable Grandmother Nah Kin, has felt resonate that the Dolomites is the planetary space that better allows the expansion of consciousness for its exquisite atmosphere and extraordinary purity is capable of helping us to dissolve limiting barriers of the inferior mind: that one that is trapped within the lack, suffering or negativity.


In the exquisite atmosphere of powerful spiritual energy that breathes at the Dolomites, we will be able to break through the mental limitations of the past and rise in the subtle atmosphere of a superior mental state where we are able to recognize our extraordinary power as LIGHT BEINGS, beings that transcend time and space, as Creative Gods.


Among the green meadows and the calm waters of its lakes rise majestic and steep peaks that resemble the mind that rises toward the divine, when surrounded by an atmosphere of serenity, harmony and peace.


We will be celebrating the entrance of the Mayan New Year "11 MEN" starting from July 23 with teachings of the Venerable Grandmother Nah Kin to dissolve the limited mind and expand the superior mind through the creation of a unified brain.


On 24th and 25th we will be developing a full program with the Sacred Mayan knowledge that brings us the new glyph. Activations, healings, initiations and different practices will be offered. On July 26th, the day the Mayan New Year "11 MEN", a powerful ceremony will be held in a magical place in the Dolomites.


Be a part of this Supreme Experience!
In this unique Time-Space that the Great Spirit
has disposed for all of us.



July 23, 2015
1 pm and so on - Reception of participants at the Hotel. In the village of SAN VIGILIO, in the DOLOMITES.
4 pm - Opening and teaching.
*Lunch and dinner free.

July 24 and 25, 2015
9 am to 12 pm & 2pm to 6 pm - Teachings, meditations and initiations.
*Included: 8 am – Breakfast, 12 pm – Lunch. *Dinner free.


July 26, 2015
9 am - Departure to the MAGICAL place of the MAYAN NEW YEAR CEREMONY.
10 am to 1 pm - GREAT CEREMONY of the arrival of 11 MEN.
1pm – Closing of the event.
*Included: 8 am – Breakfast and 2 pm – Lunch.




If you register before april 30th 2015:

645 €

If you register from may to july 2015:

695 €


• 3 Nights at the Dolomites.
• 3 Breakfasts y 3 lunches.
• Transportation during the days of the event.
• Translation.
• Teachings, Meditations, Healings and Ceremonies.



• Plane ticket.
• Transportation to the host hotel in San Vigilio.
• Lodging during the days out of the event.
• Some meals and drinks.






EUROPE AND GERMAN: Contact Sandra Tants
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ITALIAN: Contact Ellen Piai
Contattare con Ellen Piai (Germania): Tel. 0049-7043-9389026 o

Si prega di versare 50% del costo del programma  sul conto bancario seguente a nome di Sandra Tants
Conto bancario: IBAN: DE62430609672032020401
Papierform: DE62 4306 0967 2032 0204 01 
BANCA: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank

Per favore mandateci la ricevuta del trasferimento bancario via e-mail: e tenete a disposizione la ricevuta per presentarla al giorno della ricezione nell’albergo in Italia.
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Nel caso di non partecipazione all’evento, si ritiene la caparra di conferma (i 50% dei costi del programma già trasferiti).



PEOPLE LIVING OUTSIDE EUROPE: In order to book in this beautiful trip, you need to scan and send plane e-ticket or flight confirmation by email, since that indicates surely your attendance. You can send it to the following email address:, with copy to mail:


We also kindly ask you to make a phone call to let us know that money has been deposited and save the receipt to be presented the day of the reception at the Hotel in Italy. Our phones in the Office of the Organization, Kinich Ahau: (01) 999 945 9018 or (01) 999 945 9160.

The cost of the event will be paid at the time we meet in Japan or handed in previously if possible. Only EUROS are accepted.



IF YOU LIVE IN MEXICO: Make a deposit of 50% of the cost of the program to the following bank account under the name of Shantal Carrillo Casarín: BANORTE, Cuenta Fácil: Number 4915 6662 1098 9830. Please, scan and mail deposit slip to: and


We also kindly ask you to make a phone call to let us know that money has been deposited and save the receipt to be presented the day of the reception at the Hotel in Italy. Our phones in the Office of the Organization, Kinich Ahau: (01) 999 945 9018 or (01) 999 945 9160.

The remaining 50% will be covered at the time of registration in Italy. Only EUROS are accepted.





It's very simple to get to the Dolomites from the following airports:
- Innsbruck Kranebitten
- Verona Valerio Catullo
- Bergamo Orio al Serio.


We specially advice these two routes:

1) Arrive by plane to Munich, although it is farther it tends to be cheaper. Then, take the train Munich-Fortezza/Franzensfeste - Brunico/Bruneck and from there take the bus to Brunico - San Vigilio/St. Vigil.


2) Arrive by plane to Verona then, take the train Verona-Fortezza – Brunico and from there take the bus to Brunico - San Vigilio.



This suggested option is very cheap the disadvantage here is that AMERICAN VISA is needed to make this journey.
LEAVE TAKING: Depart on July 19 from your hometown to the airport of Mexico City to take AIR FRANCE flight heading to Paris airport Charles De Gaulle 20:35.

Arrive Monday July 20 at 14:10 to Paris, France and leaves heading to Verona, Valerio Catullo airport at 15:40, arrives at 17:10.

Tip: You may contact Venerable Grandmother in TURIN, there is land transportation. Train or bus.

WAY BACK: Depart on July 30 from Venice at 10:55, Airport Marco Polo (VCE) heading to Atlanta, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), arrives at 15:47.

Departs from Atlanta at 20:30 heading to Mexico City and arrives at 23:04.

This is just an option, you can ask your travel agency to fix a route. We estimate the total cost of the plane ticket between 20 to 25 thousand Mexican pesos but it can be a little less if you get lucky.



IMPORTANT NOTE: We share Venerable Grandmother NAH KIN and Master Alberto Arribalzaga’s route in case that any participant of the Mayan New Year "11 Men" would like to take the opportunity of this trip to accompany them on a longer tour.


Both activities that have predetermined prices are the event at Villa Unspunnen and the Mayan New Year. All the other tours do not have fixed prices, the accommodations, food and other expenses are paid by the participant.


Friday July 17 to Sunday July 19 at Villa Unspunnen, in Interlake, Switzerland:
The Venerable will participate in the meeting called: "HEALING DIVINE MOTHER EARTH" with the participation of other spiritual teachers and guardians of the Alps.


Monday July 20 transportation to TURIN (Torino), Italy.


Tuesday July 21 visit to DAMANHUR Spiritual Community and the HUMANITY TEMPLE. It is located at PIEMONTE 40 kms North of Torino at the entrance of the “Valchiusella”. In the afternoon: trip to the city of San Vigilio in the Dolomites, approximately 3 hours of travel.


Wednesday, July 22 in the Dolomites: logistics and spiritual attunement to the place.


Thursday 23 to Sunday, July 26: event of the MAYAN NEW YEAR 11 MEN.


Monday, July 27: visit to Venice, Italy.


Thursday, July 30 return to Mexico, from Marco Polo International Airport (in Italian: Aeroporto Internazionale Marco Polo di Venezia).


Thanks for feeling the call to this magical experience!




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