Kinich Ahau

The Sign of the New Times

The sign of the New Times is a key that allows extreme purity irradiation of the Transformer Ray flow, and thus makes accessible to humanity the management of so prodigious power of light.

Being a direct emanation of the creator it has the same qualities of the divine consciousness: it possesses a powerful presence that impacts wherever it gets, producing waves of transformation, harmonizing the consciences, spaces and moments, where it is displayed, placed or projected.

It possesses a powerful intelligence capable to give each person what they require to raise it to the optimal conditions of wellness, creativity, health, and harmony. Its superior intelligence projects to the Divine Supreme Intelligence that knows what it is appropriate for each circumstance, adapting itself to the moments and people.

The sign helps to manifest the sublime New Time qualities, such as: life, harmony, peace, health, creativity and connection with our multidimensional being.

It is a gift of the sublime consciousness of God to activate lighting codes that allow this humanity entering the dawn of Golden Age where humanity and planet live in its most exalted condition of existence.

It symbolizes the qualities of eternal life since it is represented in it the sperm as an active principle of life passing through the barrier of the ovule in the precious moment of conception. This moment is of such energy power that reproduces the same pulsation of a solar flare. When viewing it, drawing it, or feeling it, we are recovering the majestic moment of creation, and with it, all the purity and strength contained in the vital impulse.

Also represents the stylized figure of the New Being flexible in all their strokes, because it is the concept of inclusion, tolerance and respect the essential qualities that will allow us to live in harmony with each other. Also shows the figure of a being with open arms, the willing heart, clear mind, qualities that the new being will manifest.

At the same time, three lower strokes tell to us about the physical, emotional and mental level that now is integrated with the spirit formed by the head, in a completely open attitude, giving and receiving as a resonant field of the universe.


1.- The first way and most simple one is looking at the sign, feeling the Golden Ray vibrating inside of it. Leave the subconscious be impacted with the figure, because there in itself it is contained the code of universal wisdom.

2.- Drawing it on people, things, situations, events, etc. (and at the same time breathe through your mouth) in the following way:

3.- Drawing it on yourself, breathing deeply through the divine breath and together with the mantra "I am the way, the truth and the life", along the three lower movements think: "I am the way" while soaking up the mouth, when the trace is at the head: "the truth" by holding the breath and when the segment of the circle is drawn we say: "and the life", exhaling vigorously; in such a way that we recovered our ability to be Christs in action, eternal beings, forever vital and full of the high flow of divine love.

Share the unlimited blessings offered by the sign to accelerate the processes of transformation and thus achieve the SOLAR CHRISTIC TRANSFIGURATION.