From the Great Spirit Hunab-Ku, "the giver of movement and measure", we constantly receive the flow of the creative and innovative force that allows us to close cycles and open ourselves up to new possibilities. Without a doubt, we have witnessed a transcendental phenomenon in the change of time, now we only have left to be permeable beings to the injection of light that the heart of the Galaxy has given us, taking it with joy and great acceptance, and thus be witnesses that our life, along with all its circumstances, rises to a dimension where it enters into a new order full of harmony, full of happiness, health and well-being from where we will be able to manifest the greatness of spirit.

It was the confluence of three phenomena that marked a profound change in the course of time:

1) The end of the Mayan Long Count, associated with the end of a galactic cycle, marked by the maximum closeness between the Sun and the center of the Galaxy.

2) The Galactic alignment, which means that the Sun is exactly over the Galactic Ecuador in straight line with the center of the Galaxy and directly receiving its rays.

3) The inclination that Earth has during the winter solstice in direction to the center of the Galaxy.

All together, it generated the maximum input of Galactic rays that are possible every 25,625 years, thus inaugurating a new Galactic Cycle.

The extraordinary power input which penetrated on 21:12:12 generated a Process of Folding of the time, compacting power of two kines (days) within 24 hours. We can make an analogy with a spring that receives a discharge of energy that compacts or folds it.

According to the outcome of time, the way it was progressing, on December 21, at midnight, it entered the vibrational frequency of the 207 kin, associated with 12 Manik (Hand). The 12 has a deep symbolism within the Mayan Numerology, designates the maximum point of learning within a time and given space. The glyph Manik is related to the exchange of giving and receiving, which binds all of us under the same purpose. The main purpose was healing of Mother Earth and to create together a magnetic receptive space for the Golden-Christic rays coming from the Galactic Center, which gloriously inaugurated the Golden Age of mankind.

Starting from noon, it entered the vibrational frequency of the 208 kin, associated with the 13 Lamat (Star). Number 13 is the most sacred number in the Mayan Numerology it is associated with the spiritual revelation, with what is eternal, with communion with the divine. On number13 sets the spiritual consciousness to transcend time and space and soar into the realm of the sublime. It is the dissolution of the perishable and individualistic to merge in the immensity of the Great Spirit, which makes us ONE with THE WHOLE.

Accompanied with the qualities of the glyph Lamat, it was possible to achieve harmony and beauty that contacts us with the light of our inner being and to recognize us as radiant beings, shining star, authentic beings of light. In the last hours of this glorious day, spiritual liberation took place when we recognized all our power of light that had finally had been released through arduous processes over thousands of years. It was a glorious closure to a great time "of learning".

The compressive strength of the vibration of the time that was experienced on 21:12:12 opened the great spring of time. The analogy with the spring gives us much understanding: the spring, when exerting force, it is compressed, but once the force is released, the spring expands more broadly. This expansion allowed time to make a quantum leap and set up in a new circuit with a higher vibration.

Since 22:12:12 a new account starts within the Sacred Mayan Calendar, with 209 kin, associated with 1Muluc. Number 1 means the beginning, the start, to take the renewing force to start a new cycle. Number 1 is marking on this occasion that we are starting a new account that we are getting into a spiral of time, the starting point of a New Era.

We started with a red glyph because the fire is the propulsive energy that offers with its combustion the ignition impulse. The glyph Muluc speaks of purification that we are undertaking, especially on the emotional level, where the limitation was established in the past. In the New Time, purity in correspondence with our feelings and emotions will bring clarity to the being of light that we all carry within us.

The message is to be located in the vibration of the New Time, a needed condition to be rebirthed purified, clean and healed of all limiting emotion that once we experienced.

The Time Carriers are 4 glyphs of the Tzolkin repeated consecutively at the beginning of each Mayan New Year. These carriers impregnate with their essential qualities to the 365-day cycle, or Solar Cycle, which is represented by the HAAB calendar. The attributes derived of these 4 glyphs that hold the time will be repeated at N times, in other words, without interruption until it comes a shift to a new spiral in the account of time thus producing a transformation in the cyclical energy that holds each year.

Old carriers of time were the glyphs Kan, Muluc, Cauac, Ix. This sequence kept us immersed in a cycle where we have to face the challenges of existence, working with our emotions and weaknesses as a recurrent element of boycott in our lives taking into account the elements of nature to achieve a level of expertise on the ground, and finally, what was not learned by the "right way", was taught by the "tough way" of confrontation, ruptures, and death, it appeared the blows of life.

With the arrival of the New Time and the infinite blessings of the Christic-Galactic Rays, we happily open up to receive the new carriers of the time: CHICCHAN, OC, MEN, and AHAU.

We started the new Galactic Cycle with the carrier CHICCHAN, who offers us the powerful life force of the sacred fire to keep us full of health and life. It gives us the supreme teaching of keeping the cold mind and emotions in calm. In this way, we will be more focused on the Superior Understanding from where we will handle our existence with greater efficiency, productivity, clarity and skill.

The following new carrier is OC. It's a glyph that reminds us of the authentic capacity to love that we can only offer, when we are loving ourselves and receiving the flow of the unlimited love from the Great Spirit. True love is that one that makes us strong, free and happy because it is based on the feeling of completeness that we carry within us.

Next comes the carrier MEN. It opens us the vision to integrate the different points of view within a creative and innovative synthesis that allows us to be influential, tolerant and respectful of others, and which allows a peaceful coexistence between all beings, and therefore, the advent of a genuine era of Peace.

The fourth and final carrier is AHAU, the glyph that crowns the Wheel of Mayan Wisdom. It is the chasm that every being IS. It is the assumption to the glorious presence of our true being. It is the Solar Priest who has fully restored his light body and manifests as a Radiant Christ.

20:13 are numbers of extraordinary power in the Mayan Tzolkin, because they express the rebirth in a higher octave, where the entire unified field has been elevated to a higher sphere. In this way 2013 is a year that marks the birth of the first Sun that inaugurates the New Galactic Cycle.

In this wonderful year vibratory fields that the powerful Galactic Rays inoculated on Earth and in each of the beings will be descending.

On the Mayan New Year, July 26, 2013, it is presented the first new carrier of the time on the 163 kin, associated in the New Mayan Sacred Calendar to a 9 CHICCHAN.

When the revolutionized higher qualities of CHICCHAN descend, it is then when the New Galactic Time on Earth is anchored definitely. The consolidation of transcendental codes of the New Time in the world is established.

The numeral 9 means that we are beginning a new cycle in time where it reigns the expansion of higher capacities showing the real mastery that our Higher Self radiates. Now we are guided by our own consciousness that in connection with the divine presence, mark us the correct thinking, saying and acting. CHICCHAN confers the ability to be triumphant entities on Earth covered with a clear intelligence and serene mind. We will be able to solve situations or issues of our environment, effective, prompt and positive.

Before 21:12:12, we used to say that through the Sacred Calendar we could recognize what was the learning of our soul in this incarnation. This learning process is associated with the old conception where the limitations of the ego prevailed, where we felt lacking of qualities, virtues or skills, and there was the need to address these gaps going through the acquisition of them in a painful learning process.

Now we know that the word learning unconsciously place us in a limited and lacking position, where the person is subconsciously asserting that he has not reached or achieved something, becoming into a real boycott for our self-improvement.

Regarding to the New Mayan Calendar, we will remove now any scheme that has to do with the word learning.

In the new time, where the values of the being are established, the emanating codes of the Sacred Calendar will serve to make us recognize our superior capabilities and bring them to the present, saying, for example: "I am a being of love, I am a being filled with peace that acts from reflection, etc.".

Humanity as a whole will gradually live a powerful metamorphosis, whose ultimate goal is to fully manifest the higher and divine being that God created, and that every human being carries as a potential of light that will emerge with total force and clarity in this new time. And starting from the flourishing of the being, they will be consolidated new social family structures between the nations and from the world towards the entire universe.

All those that were born before the 20:12:12 have as a point of reference to calculate the kin of birth, the glyph and associated number to the day of birth in the old Tzolkin calendar.

The kin of birth is an energetic influence that receives the soul at the time of the birth. It is a kind of scanning with the qualities, attributes and fields of vibration generated by the glyph present on that day. He taught what learning was the one that your soul had accepted to be assimilated through this life.

However, although the influence of the kin of birth in the past calendar is still present, it has been changed dramatically the way in which we assimilate it.

In the new time, the sublime qualities of each glyph and numeral are expressed in the present with a powerful charge of strength which makes us to manifest a higher greatness, integrity, sovereignty, and divine splendor.

For example, in the past, a kin of birth 13 Ahau said: "the soul came to learn freeing itself spiritually, recalling that it is a solar essence, a divine being". In the new time we say: "I am a being of light, which expands through all the multidimensions with all these divine qualities". This is an act of affirmation in the present, where it is assumed the power of the spirit as something existing and prevailing, now.

The reading of the qualities has undergone a transcendental change: it went from shortage to fullness, from learning to the realization, from weakness to bravery, from smallness to greatness and with this it has overcome any limitation and it has been anchored in the higher power where every being is totally free, full, generous, loving, and happy.

All beings born from 20:12:12 and backwards shall be governed by the kin of birth with the old calendar calculation, as well as, all those who have completed 52 years before this date. It will be required to continue working with the numeral, and glyph of the day of birth, but always recoding it with the meaning of the New Time.

During 2013 in each person's birthday, specifically after December 22, 2012, the energy of the New Time will be entering in each individual.

On the first birthday in the New Time vibratory fields, in a clearer and more forceful way, light codes and superior spheres will descend to everyone because from their birthday on it starts in a personal way the New Galactic cycle.

Here I explain that it is on a personal level because each individual is an epicenter of the universe. Each being is a Creator God in action, and his birthday is a solar return to the day of his birth. Therefore, the Sun, which is the one that gives the strength of irradiation, stamps the qualities of the New Time in the vibratory field of the individual.

The solar annual return (birthday) scans in the person the qualities and gifts that gives the kin that this day is activated. From 2013, this kin emits a superior conception where we take full, truthful and authentic possession of our transcendental being. The kin of the birthday has the duration of a solar cycle of 365 days, so it is a message of the qualities to be assimilated during that period of time.

From 22:12:12, we will use a new calculation table to get the kin in the New Mayan Calendar. We emphasize that the qualities are always assumed in affirmative, in present and since the acceptance of our most sublime qualities.

Your own new Kin associated with your birthday can only be integrated completely when it meets a cycle of 52 years (52, 104 years, etc.), since it is then when the Civil Calendar HAAB and the Sacred Calendar TZOLKIN clocks are synchronized again and the Sun can magnetize your glyph of birth with its sovereign presence, but now revolutionized. We will make progress in our own evolutionary spirals until we reach our own KIN in the new calendar calculation.

However, working with the Revolutionized Kin from now on is excellent and essential because it allows us to orient our goal of life where we have to go as individuals in the New Time. It is the light from a lighthouse that guides us, therefore it is very important to go assimilating the qualities that your KIN of Birth has within the New Calendar as a goal to integrate or assimilate, both to an energetic, emotional or mental way and that this new Kin, on a top level, allows you to access in a clearer and more forceful way to your HIGHER SELF. Since now on, along with the New Sacred Calendar, we have also changed our kin family (circuit of 4 kin repeated on our birthday). When the New Calendar enters it changes automatically our kin family, generating a revolution in our existence immediately, in tune with the elevation in the spirals of the planetary time.

Those who will be 52 starting on December 22, 2012 will take the new kin as his or her new glyph of birth, or we'd rather say, RENAISSANCE.

At the age of 52 within the New Mayan Calendar will be the total reception of the new energy, which impulses to completely release your creative potential to spread its superior qualities.

In order to know your New Kin, you just have to move ahead in the wheel one numeral and one glyph from your former Kin of Birth. If you don't know what your Kin of Birth is or you would like to know your New Kin of birth, on our Facebook wall you can get for free every Wednesday from 9 am to 1 pm Center Time: www.facebook.com/sabiduriamaya

For the people who had the joy of having been born on 21:12:12, the way to calculate their Kin of Birth is by asking the specific hour in which they were born. Those born in the first 12 hours of this day correspond to 12 Manik, of course, using the new concept of this glyph. Those who were born in the second half of the day, from 12 o'clock noon, correspond to 13 Lamat.

The precious beings who were born on this day, will have a powerful radiation of light that will accompany them throughout their lives, as they are the beings that closed the Great Galactic Cycle, which with its arrival on Earth, it was reintegrated the great potential of light that established the victory of all the greatness, beauty and splendor.