Kinich Ahau 2015

Kinich Ahau 2015


Headed by Venerable Grandmother NAH KIN

The expansion of consciousness through the multi-dimensions can be achieved thanks to the generator impulse of the powerful solar energy which it is an inexhaustible source of driving power that allows an upward movement of understanding, vibration, love, light and clarity to us.

The development of the solar consciousness reveals transcendental keys to develop elevated states of consciousness where we perceive the TOTALITY and feel ONE with it.

In ancient Mayan civilization and other schools of wisdom, they worked the activation of the solar energy from the human body since it was known that every cell of the body is a solar cell able to absorb solar energy and transform it into life force that holds not only the physical body but also restores its spiritual capacities renews the bridge between the physical body and the divine power, activating the divine pattern of perfection to be newly invested in the biological structure.

Humanity has reached the point of development of consciousness where it is already ready to assimilate the following "knowledge package" that will allow it to live in the human dimension moving skillfully the powerful creative energy of the universe within it while it will facilitate the dissolution of limiting concepts to be able to extend its BEING in the vastness of creation.

Venerable Grandmother Nah Kin maintains a state of conscious telepathic communion with master Kinich Ahau and great beings of LIGHT that are emanating their transcendental wisdom allowing the human being reunite with his innate ability of his TOTAL BEING: A UNIFIED BEING.

The path of enlightenment through the flourishing of solar codes is an ancestral journey walked by different schools and philosophies at different latitudes and times that have an indisputable value for the current human being. The light absorption of solar atoms is a technique that effectively contributes to the restructuring of the pattern of human perfection and the recreation of the Supreme Consciousness of Unity.

All of the above will allow us to operate from an immaculate, pristine, crystal clear and bright level which, without a doubt, will bring a new life experience and will effectively contribute to the generation of a world in harmony, beauty and peace.



From April 30 thru May 7

Thursday April 30, 2015 - 2 LAMAT
8:30 am – Registration of attendees
10:00 am - Welcome and logistical instructions
10:30 am - Process to activate the cellular memory and re - structuring it as an efficient solar cell
2:00 pm - Lunch
4:00 pm – Practices with direct energy from the Sun and the creation of the solar sensor cells for higher emotional and mental body
8:00 pm   Free Dinner
Friday May 1 - 3 MULUC
7:00 am – Breakfast at the Hotel
8:30 am – Get on the buses heading to Uxmal
10:00 am – Individually and Planetary Solar Illumination Ceremony
1:30 pm – Dinner at the Uxmal touristic parador
3:00 pm - Departure to the Hotel
6:00 pm - Meditation with the solar fractal of the Glyph of Kinich Ahau
8:00 pm – Dinner
Saturday May 2 - 4 OC
8 am - Practices of Assimilation of the Solar Atoms
9 am - Breakfast
10:00 am – Developed Keys of the Path of Solar Illumination: Atlantean-Egyptian-Mayan
2:00 pm - Lunch
4:00 pm - The emission of the Christic Solar photons and its adequate absorption for the complete restructuring of our Being
7:00 pm – Dinner
Sunday May 3 - 5 CHUEN
7:00 am – Morning Practice
8:00 am - Breakfast
9:00 am –The spread of solar light waves to balance the human and planetary energy field
11:30 am – Departure to Oxkintok (“the place of the three Suns”) archeological zone
2:30 pm - Lunch
Free afternoon
*** 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm –Ahaukans Circle: only for Tradition Teachers
Monday May 4 - 6 EB
8:00 am - Breakfast
9:00 am – The Unified Network of Creation and the practice of the "Unified Brain", advanced concepts in this valuable method
1:30 am - Lunch
3:30 pm - The assimilation of Solar Energy through the luminous emanation of the Glyph of Kinich Ahau
7:00 pm - Dinner
Tuesday May 5 - 7 BEN
8:00 am - Practices of assimilation of the solar atoms
9:00 am - breakfast
10:00 am - The powerful radiation of solar atoms for the manifestation of the Christic-Solar Being
2:00 pm - Lunch
4:00 pm - Mayan-Egyptian -Atlantean method of activation of the Solar Energy as the major creative force of the universe
7:00 pm – Dinner
Wednesday May - 8 IX
8:00 am - Practices of assimilation of the solar atoms
9:00 am - Breakfast
10:00 am - The creation of a universe of divine perfection thanks to the expansion of the spiritual vibratory field of the Sun
2:00 pm - Lunch
4:00 pm - Synchronization with the Universal pulsation of the 3 Suns: Spiritual Fusion Process
7:00 pm – Dinner
Jueves 7 de mayo- 9 MEN
8:00 am - Breakfast
9:00 am - Visit to an archaeological/ceremonial zone in order to perform practices of expansion of cellular solar cells.
2:30 pm – Lunch and closing of the event




Only for the Long Program, from April 29 thru May 7 (10 days)

*You have two more nights at the hotel: at the beginning, on April 29 and the night on May 3.

950 € -without translation-
1250 € -with translation, 5 people minimum per language-

(Paid in foreign currency, not its equivalence)


Foreigners can book their place by sending a scanned copy of their airplane ticket to Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. It is important to scan the plane ticket and send it to emails: or
The fee will be covered in the foreign currency at the time of registration at the Hotel in Merida, Yucatan.


Bring ritual clothing preferably color yellow or white. Bring repellent for insects, sunscreen of high SPF, swimsuit, toiletries and personal Kit.
Women are required to bring skirts or dresses, to use every day that the event lasts, preferably light colors.
During the event suitable clothes for the rituals, initiations and ceremonies will be offered.


In all teachings, therapies or ceremonies people should bring 1 BOTTLE PURIFIED WATER TO DRINK.


* Plane Tickets * Airport Shuttle * Hotel-airport transportation * Bottled drinks * Tips to bus drivers *


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