Kinich Ahau

Glyph of Kinich Ahau

Glyph of the Solar Hierarch Kinich Ahau contains all the spiritual codes. It is an image of high vibration of Golden Light that allows reconstituting the divine patterns.

The Glyph of Kinich Ahau (in gold or cardboard) is a master ideogram representing the Solar Spirit of our Sun and the Galactic Sun. It is able among its multiple functions to active the Solar Christic patterns.

By looking at it with the Solar Mayan breath our SUPRACONSCIOUSNESS allows us to absorb the light material, food of the spirit, to fill the "Vital Field". It is placed in front of oneself to absorb it through breathing, in a gently and long way.

When working in accord to the Being the glyph of Kinich Ahau provides us with the qualities that our being designs so that we can have the objective (e.g. “I am successful in life") into our form, in other words, we develope our own way of being successful.

"It enables communion with the Sun and the Galactic Sun taking advantage of all the Sublime Energy that we are receiving, which is food for the Spirit".

Assimilation of Qualities.

Mentally you say:  I accept fully to manifest the Solar Christic qualities of Kinich Ahau…” (Love, wisdom, light, truth, clarity, sovereignty, delivery, generosity, life, health, harmony, peace, etc.) Breathe each quality 3 times to invest yourself with it.

Perceive as each attribute is laying in the totality of your Being, thanks to the action of the helixes of the glyph that rotate radiating every cell of your body and all your field of existence.

Gratitude. With all your heart thank Kinich Ahau for the great work of redemption, which has been made on you.
Take a big water sip and keep it in your mouth, at least 90 seconds, so that the magnetic power of the water anchors the new information at all levels of your being.